Deleted HyperV snapshot of new Domain Controller

OK, How badly can you screw up a new server installation?

I have an existing SBS 2011 domain with a failing server (electrical failure from lightning strike).  I have purchased and installed a new server (2012 standard) with hyperV. I configured a guest 2012 os for use as a DC, added the new DC to the existing Domain, and promoted it. I moved over all of the existing shared data from the old server and recreated the shares/permissions.  Just as I was about to begin the process of demoting the old server, I realised I had not applied my first (and only) snapshot, taken moments after installing the new OS.  Like an idiot, I selected "delete" for the last snapshot, which in VMware causes the disk string to roll up in to the last snapshot.  Here, it rolled my server back to before it was promoted.  Now I have to completely rebuild the new DC, and I can't use the same name because AD already has this server name in place.  Is there some miraculous way I have not discovered yet to restore this server to before I deleted the snapshot, or am I screwed?

Thanks in advance.

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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Okay, at one point you listed Hyper-V, and then later you say VMware. But since your topic says Hyper-V and you tagged it as such, I will assume VMware was a typo. Or your running VMware on your old server, but the way you describe the new server getting rolled back to before it got promoted, that'd also make no sense.

At any rate, if you didn't merge your snapshot (and you shouldn't be taking snapshots of DCs anyways, or even planned DCs, for exactly this reason) then you can't recover.

You *CAN* however, clean up AD on your SBS 2011 server and perform a metadata cleanup as well (bing it, there are several TechNet articles on the process) which will let you use the same DC name. Which, even if you choose to use a new DC name, you want to clean up the "missing" DC anyways, or replication will fail and you will get complaints in active directory. Clean it up BEFORE re-attempting a new DC, no matter what.

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