MS Outlook splits web links at question mark

If I send in MS Outlook a long web address that includes a "?" the program puts everything after the ? on the next line (not via normal wrapping, but irrespective of page width).


If the web link is sent from gmail, it comes to me OK, but I can't send it on (or to myself).

Is there a fix for this?
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GrahamDLovellConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the response

1) I thought it was formatted in HTML, but when I reproduce the problem, I can see that it is formatted as plain text. My default is Html, so I suppose, since I just forwarded a message I had already received, it came to me as plain text.

2) When I prepare the email for forwarding, it displays correctly as a link, but when it is received only the part up to the "?" shows as a link, the rest is without underlining.

3) It looks like a link at my end, but the link is "broken" when it is received.

I find that a simple fix is to change the formatting to HTML before sending it. Somewhat bizarrely it displays without underlining when I receive it in MS Outlook, but it still works as a link.

However, if I use rich text it works perfectly.

Can rich text therefore be the ideal method? I thought HTML was the best.
Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
1) How are your messages formatted?  HTML, Rich Text, Plain text?

2) When you paste the link, is it displayed as a hyperlink or pure text?

3) Can you paste the link in your email, move to the end of the link and then hit Enter to transform it into a hyperlink?  Does that make any difference?
GrahamDLovellAuthor Commented:
My solution is a work-around. I suppose it is OK.
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