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I was hoping to be able to create bridge these appliances.  I have three of these routers (A,B,C ).  

Wanted to set up router A as the wan interface, lan subnet, dhcp server, wlan with two ssid's.
ssid 1- Main
ssid 2- use to bridge routers B,C.

Is this even possible with these routers?  I have been looking for hours and cannot find any real direction.  

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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you mean you just want to use the other two routers as wireless access points?

If so, then yes it's possible.  Just turn off DHCP on the other two routers, connect them to the network via a LAN port (leave the WAN port disconnected), and configure the same SSID and authentication/encryption on the two routers (selecting different channels).

That should do what you want if I've understood correctly.
heinzewegleAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Yes that will work.
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