Trying to figure out the best way to do this

If you take a look at the image.  You will see what I am looking for. Can you do this with list tags or is it better just to style the link tags.
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Vinay RajputConnect With a Mentor Sr. UI LeadCommented:
Hi stargateatlantis,

I have created a html file which contains html excatly same as shown in image,

PFA file,

let me know if any issue

Vinay Rajput
You could do it with normal anchor tags and a span for the OR.
Is that all you want?  Or how to do it?
You can do it either way but I agree with Gary you will be better to just style the links.  You could also do a background image and overlay the text, in which casr you could use just about anything for the container.

After taking an image using padding and margin help adjust the words in that images in center and with help of your a href tag try to provide the necessary link
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