Mixing given colors to have a wanted color?


I have the following ink colors  black, 9b20cf, 2ea39f, 444bdb, f00e4e.

I need a method what percentage should I mix (two or more) of the colors above to get another color I want.

For example if I would like to get an orange of e38122, then I would need  x% of 9b20cf, y% of 2ea39f, z% of black etc.

Does Photoshop know it, or do you know any other programs which can do it?

In other word to help mixing given colors to have a wanted color?

Thank you
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
What is this for?   transparent like ink/dye colors with red, green and blue or cyan, magenta, yellow and black? or opaque/pigments like house paint?  Or backlit colors like your computer screen using red, green and blue?

When you see a hex color like 9b20cf it is really 60.8% red, 12.5% green and 81.2% blue.
starhuAuthor Commented:
What is this for?  

For fountain pen inks. I want to make new colors, but the existing inks are not true R, G, B, but different shades of some colors.

I want to see what other colors I can make by mixing them -  without spoiling the inks by experimenting.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I have spent some time mixing fabric dye and have a little background.  I don't know as much about ink other then there are both water based inks and pigment inks.  From what I understand, mixing water based inks are what you want to work with.  

You will need to understand a little about the color wheel and experiment drop by drop unless the ink manufacture has some type of swatch formula you can go by similar to what pantone does for  printers ink.

The reason you will need to experiment is every paper will absorb the ink in a different manner and the color of the paper will affect the ink color as well.

These sources should be helpful
Hi, unfortunately we can't really tell you how many drops of a set of colours to use to mix together to get a specific colour.
Just trial and test, warm colours, cold colours
May be of help
Color Chart for Photoshop and CorelDraw Users
COLOR CHART with RGB & HEX codes
RGB Color Codes Chart, shows the mix effects

This little article may help you as well, if you see a colour you like then you can find out what it's RGB value
RGB and Color Channels in Photoshop Explained
Editing the Red / Green / Blue Channels in Photoshop Elements

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