IIS on windows 7 - how do you configure for visual studio

I have been working with visual studio's dev iis server to test some code.  I just added the iis feature on my win 7 machine.  Can someone please give me detailed instructions on how to create the website (do I do this from iis or from visual studio properties), which app pool to use, and how to give that permissions to my file system.  I tried a few different things and ran into issues. Instead of trying to fix my mistakes, I want to start over from scratch.

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Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
You will need to first set your website application up in IIS, following the procedure

1.Open IIS Manager.
2.In the Connections pane, right-click the Sites node in the tree, and then click Add Web Site.
3.In the Add Web Site dialog box, type a friendly name for your Web site in the Web site name box.

4.Click Select if you want to select a different application pool than the one listed in the Application Pool box. In the Select Application Pool dialog box, select an application pool from the Application Pool list and then click OK.

5.In the Physical path box, type the physical path of the Web site's folder, or click the browse button (...) to navigate the file system to find the folder.

6.If the physical path that you entered in step 5 is to a remote share, click Connect as to specify credentials that have permission to access the path. If you do not use specific credentials, select the Application user (pass-through authentication) option in the Connect As dialog box.

7.Select the protocol for the Web site from the Type list.

8.The default value in the IP address box is All Unassigned. If you must specify a static IP address for the Web site, type the IP address in the IP address box.

9.Type a port number in the Port text box, usually you will want to use port 80

10.Optionally, type a host header name for the Web site in the Host Header box.

11.If you do not have to make any changes to the site, and you want the Web site to be immediately available, select the Start Web site immediately check box.

12.Click OK.

To test that your website is working, open the browser and enter either http:\\localhost or http:\\IP address of your website

You should see IIS 7 displayed

You can now deploy your code from Visual studio to the folder that you created for your website.

After deployment to the folder, you might need to stop and restart the application pool and browse to the site.

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jackjohnson44Author Commented:
Thanks.  My issue is that when I go to visual studio, I don't get to pick the folder to deploy the code to.  I only have an option for a url which is defaulted to http://localhost/myprogram.web which myprogram.web is my project name.

I added an entry to myprogram in my hosts file and can get to an error page by going there.  I believe that is because there is no code.  I am not sure how to config vs.
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