JAVA command line flags

Is there is a good solution out there for creating custom flags to be set on the command line?

(from my search online, JAVA doesn't appear to have this capability natively, like C)

so I could do something like this:

java MyClass -t50 -d100

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and in my program have some conditional logic that checks for the existence of the flags, and sets those variables accordingly, or else sets default values

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Kyle HamiltonData ScientistAsked:
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Sharon SethCommented:
Why not in java ? The args passed from the command line are  received by the String [] arg of main() method .
For simple stuff, i usually use the form

-flag1 arg1 -flag2 arg2

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and turn the String[] into a Map in a homebrewed manner. For more sophisticated and complex requirements, you probably need an api such as
Kyle HamiltonData ScientistAuthor Commented:
@sharonseth, because I would like something more along the lines of C's argv where I can pass optional flags in arbitrary order.

@CEHJ, for my current purposes a homebrewed Map sounds pretty good. I will definitely look into the Getopt API though - that's more along the lines of what I am ultimately looking for.

Could you show me an example  of your Map?

Something like this maybe?

if I want to run: java MyClass -b myValue
Map<Character, String> opts = new HashMap<Character, String>(); 
            for(int i = 0; i < args.length-1; i+=2) {
              opts.put(args[i].charAt(1), args[i+1]);

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..and use a switch to parse the flags? (Sorry, this is very incomplete on my part)


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Kyle HamiltonData ScientistAuthor Commented:
thank you, as always :)
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