IP/USB controlled power plug/switch/device ??

I have device i need to plug and unplug from the power at certain times when i need it (not always the same and not a fixed hour), there is a computer with a remote desktop option enabled on it, just a few centimeters away from that device, i was wondering if there is any device i can connect to the computer and set it between the device and the power plug on the wall, so i can swith it on or off anytime i want. Any IP or usb based solution would be good.

I have been looking all over the internet and i couldn't find anything, but im sure there must be something in the market to remotely stop a power supply to an eletronic device.

thanks in advance!
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smarthome.com has any number of X10 or new technology devices... I may look from something like from the INSTEON line but there are countless options...  poke around until something you can do:

so for instance two items:
PowerLinc Modem - INSTEON USB Interface (Dual-Band) and 1 controller for the device...
then ApplianceLinc - INSTEON Plug-in Appliance On/Off Module, 3-Pin... $80+35
or perhaps rather than the $80 modem aka USB, I may spend $120 and get a HUB to control things via android/iphone and not even need the computer...  

stand alone:
Belkin F7C027fcAPL WeMo Home Automation Switch is stand alone by itself, just need wireless and ios or droid device etc.. $45

Actual Belkin is simpler and cheaper if you have a smart phone... but smart home used to have starter kits with one or two plugs and the usb interface if you still want to go computer.  I might either get the Belkin or just phone them and ask them to tell me what I should get for the one plug.

I remember them having much more options and more stuff, but the it is a start and for simplicity I would go with the Belkin option, otherwise just use "home automation" or other keywords/brands/technologies to do searches elsewhere on the net... I might even consider a smart UPS where you could control the plugs (attached to the battery), but that is not economical nor are really expensive ip based power bars... I'd rather plug an actual power bar into one into an X10 outlet and control that.
PowerUSB units are a USB controlled power bar,


On top of allowing you to switch the outlets on the bar on/off it also does things like automatically turn on a outlet if you are running a particular program or with hotkeys.  Fairly good option if you want to control the device from the computer,  for ~ $70.

Here's a example of a fairly inexpensive web based power control unit,

This would go directly on your network to operate the power through a web interface,  so not phone app requirement but it is more expensive at around $130.  Very inexpensive compared to similar multi outlet units that are typically $300.  Probably a whole lot more functionality than what you need though.

The Belkin plug unit tymes suggested is pretty good if you are okay with the phone requirement.  It's too bad there does not appear to be any web interface control for it.  There are a ton of options though most get fairly expensive or putting something together to do the job.

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