Microsoft Malware Protection Engine

What is Microsoft Malware Protection Engine? Is that the same as Microsoft Security Essentials?
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tymesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it's better to know if it is running than just installed... so W7 has the green house icon with flag on top and white check inside (or perhaps red house with flag on top and x inside) in the bottom right tray next to the clock, but more importantly if you go to taskmgr (ctrl-alt-esc) and on the /services\ tab, you should be able to find MsMpSvc aka "Microsoft Antimalware Service" and it should be running.  (again MsMp = MicroSoft Malware Protection)... that service is MsMpEng.exe running.

If it is in your computer you should be able to find MsMpEng.exe and other files in  
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\" .. the most recent version is but 215 is actually the same and identical.

This was all for Windows 7... Windows 8 is similar except it is called "Windows Defender" and all in the "C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\" directory and the version is just

Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint protection (corporate antivirus) also uses MsMpEng.exe and the MsMpSvc exactly like Windows 7 but the icon is a shield in box and not a house.

They should all be running and updated and so have green icons.
aadihConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft Malware Protection Engine is part of several different Microsoft Security products, including Microsoft Security Essentials(MSE).  But it is not the same as MSE or Windows Defender, etc.
KonfigurationKingAuthor Commented:
How do I know if it is installed or not?
aadihConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have MSE or Windows Defender, etc., you have it.  It's not a separate program. It's updated automatically when you update MSE or Windows Defender, etc.

To check its version number (in MSE) do the following: Click Help, and then click About Microsoft Security Essentials, and note the Engine Version number.
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