Several Different Database File Types showing as unrecognized overnight.

I have a Dell NX3200 NAS unit running Windows 2008 R2 Storage Edition that we are using as a file server.  Amongst the file types hosted, there is one major .mdb and several thousand SQL based individual database files that contain .dbf files.

Overnight, a large majority of these file types are reading as unrecognizable.  Modified date stamps have not changed nor have file sizes.  Overnight there is a robocopy script that runs for backup purposes.  Restoring the files from the previous nights backup seems to correct the problem.  However, due to the large number of different files, I am concerned some restores will be missed until several months from now, the next time those files are accessed.

I'm at a loss to think of anything that could cause a system wide corruption of specific file types.  All other file types, ie. office docs and other software files, function normally.  It is only these database files that have seemed to lose header information or some such corruption.

Any ideas on what could cause this, as well as any possible global solution that may resolve the issue?

Many thanks in advance.
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Are you copying the files w/o shutting down the database first?  If so, then that is the problem.
There are some software packages that will let you back up database files that are live, but they don't come cheap.
urbanstylesAuthor Commented:
No the databases are all closed prior to the copy.

I think the culprit may be the cryptolocker malware.  Had a user email me asking what it was.  I suspect they openned an attachement.

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urbanstylesAuthor Commented:
It was malware that encrypted files.  Restored entire shared drive from backup and moved on with life.
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