White Label SEO Marketing Partner Needed

I am a web designer and build websites for small businesses.  I have a understanding of the basic SEO techniques; Content, Alt Tags, key words, Meta Tags and using Google Web Master Tools.  

I see my customers willing to pay hundreds of $$ per month to have a SEO company push their website higher on the search engine rankings.

So I am looking for a White Label SEO/Marketing company to partner with to better serve my customers.

Any suggestions?

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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
> willing to pay hundreds of $$ per month

That does not sound like much, it is typically in the thousands.

If it is a small company/site, you might be able to get information to do what you need here.

In short, you need to well written content that is updated frequently.  I would suggest starting with hiring a professional writer.  Writing sounds like it should be easy, but content creation is is the hardest part of creating a site.  It is not something I would leave in the hands of your client, hire a good writer.  

Beyond that, let us know more details about the site and you can handle it on your own.
TinaMBarnardAuthor Commented:
Padas, Thanks for your quick reply!

Here is one of the sites in question....  

I just uploaded this website a little over a week ago.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
1) Use the validator http://validator.w3.org/.  You only have one small error.  With xhtml you need to specify the type of script in your script tag.   Run this on each of your pages.

2) As I said, content, content, content.  A picture may tell a thousand words to humans, but not so much to google.  Create  a separate page for each service and have at least several paragraphs about it.

3) Analyze keyword density.  http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword-density/  Make sure the keywords and phrases that show up IN THE BODY are what you expect.  

4) The meta tag for keywords is virtually meaningless and there is debate on if it does anything or not.  However, if you do use this, just a few main keywords.  Overstuffing may signal something bad.  I would edit that.

5) Title tag and meta description.  Make sure the title and meta description match the body content.

6) Google+/Google Local.  Make sure you have a complete local listing for both Google and Bing.

7) Internal LInks.  Where you have logos such as the bottom of the home page, make each an internal link to a page listing the equipment available for each.

8) Make good  use of google webmaster tools and submit a site map.

9) Image alt tags.  <img src="images/home/section02/usfs.jpg" alt="USFS"/>  Try and use a sentence to describe what the image is.  The alt tag is used for screen readers.

To me it does seem like there is a lot more to write about then what is on the site now.

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TinaMBarnardAuthor Commented:
Padas, Thank you so much for all your great advice.  I plan on implementing what I can from the back-end then meet with my customer to work on the rest.

So this all came about because my customer has a competitor that ranks on the top of google searches. When searching for "Heavy Equipment Repair Santa Maria". He pops to the top!


This looks like a paid ad of some sort.  My customer was solicited by a SEO Company that says they can get Cetti Services to the top as well.  Cetti is giving me only 2 weeks to Organically get her website to the top of Google when searched for the above phase.....

What are your thoughts on what I can do to help my customer....
and the Ad Campaigns from Google?

Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
The link you provided is yellow pages ad page.

It is important for your client to understand what is actually organic and not.  You should also educate your client on what seo is and is not.  Nothing is going to happen that will cause an increase in sales within 2 weeks.      Also, part of your job is getting them to understand and research, what is a good search term that will create sales vs create traffic.  

You might be able to get some_phrase easily to the top, but some_phrase may create traffic from search that has a high bounce rate and no sales.  Meanwhile, some_other_phrase may take much longer to get to the top organically, but each time some_other_phrase generates traffic, it also has a low bounce rate and is more likely to generate a sale.

At minimum I would say it could be 3 to 6 months but they should have a yearly plan of regularly adding content and using social media and press releases.  

Most important are google and bing local  https://plus.google.com/101798707716691475077/about claim this business and continue to edit.

If they want results in a couple of weeks, you will need to turn to paid ads that may or may not work.  

If they still insist on 2 weeks turn around for organic results that will convert to business, walk away and let somebody else sell them the bill of goods they want to buy.
TinaMBarnardAuthor Commented:
Padas, the information you provided is very appreciated!  I learned more about SEO thanks to your input.

I am meeting with my client to discuss their options and the tweaks to their websites I would like to perform.

Thanks Again
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