This is related to SysPrep and Ghost. It seems both of the software functioning as Imaging Software (or for Duplication).

My question: What is the different between them? Would you provide some examples (in daily production) please

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Sysprep isn't an imaging application...its software that you run BEFORE you image an OS and it basically its for making the image 'reusable for deployment to multiple machines'

Ghost is an imaging application which you use to image an OS

I'll give you an example to make this clearer...

If I Ghost my pc as a backup it creates a complete identical copy of that OS which if I restored back to a hard drive is a duplicate of my original machine - down to the last bit...
But...lets say I then restored that same image to another pc which was identical hardware...and connect to the same network - then we've a problem - cause both machines are identical(same SID's and GUID's etc etc) - this is where things can stop working

To prevent this 'duplicate' issue you SYSPREP PRIOR to imaging the machine(if you want to deploy this image multiple times to multiple machines) - the Sysprep basically reverts the image back to 'factory default' know when you first install Windows and it asks for Username/password to login etc etc? That's what sysprep when I buy a laptop from Dell and during first boot I get asked for Usernames etc to create - that machine was deployed from a sysprep'd image...thus when it first boots it creates a unique system...

If I've confused you then ask away...hope this is a good explanation

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tjieAuthor Commented:

To create imaging, firstly we have to create a Master ...
- So, we run the Sysprep at the Master only or to every cloning machines?

You build your master image...install what is needed etc...

Then you Sysprep...once you sysprep you shutdown the machine(part of sysprep is to Shutdown anyways)

Then you image the machine(note don't boot the machine back into Windows at this point)

Once you have the image you can use that to deploy to your other you only need to sysprep once
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