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I have been tasked with creating reports for our company. Our main software is VERY poor when it comes to reporting and has NO report writer in it. I am looking for options. These reports would need to somehow delivered or accessed by mgt. I have experience in Excel and Access, but willing to learn. I am better with graphic interfaces. The come natural. Some would be reports and some would be graphic. Delivery options like scheduling is a plus.
Michael FranzCFOAsked:
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PortletPaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Vertafore have announced use of Oracle BI:
Bothell, WA – July 31, 2012 – Recognizing the growing importance of empowering the insurance industry to turn ever-increasing amounts of data into real insight that can help drive business growth, Vertafore (http://www.vertafore.com, @Vertafore) announced that it plans to integrate the Oracle Business Intelligence suite, providing enhanced reporting across the Vertafore product portfolio.
Beginning in Q4 2012, insurance agency management system AMS360 will be the first solution to begin delivering the significant new capabilities, differentiating it from other industry offerings:

Interactive dashboards so agencies can monitor critical business performance metrics in real-time
Customizable reports enabling business users to easily view information relevant to them
Supports mobile devices including iPads and iPhones with native apps which empowers field employees to remain current on business performance
Tight integration with Microsoft Office, including Excel and Word for exporting information into larger business reports
Has this topic been discussed with the vendor?
PortletPaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some more background to your organisation might be needed.

Is it a small company all in the one office, or something much larger with managers in multiple locations.

Although the main software might have no report writer it may be useful to know what that is - or where it stores its data (e.g. does it use an Oracle back end)

Do you have a preference for html?
Do you need to support mobile devices like phones/iPads etc.?

Are you prepared to purchase a Business Intelligence product?

I recently came across at this BI product

I have not used it or have any association with it, and there are other offerings of this nature - But it might server to give you some ideas on what is in the marketplace.
Michael FranzCFOAuthor Commented:
We are a small-mid company. 4 locations with 160 people. All mgt is here at the main location. We use AMS360 by Vertafore, an Insurance Software, like Applied/TAM. HTML would be good. Moblile nice. We just bought MS Dynamics, purchase would be fine. I have to link to other database from the software also, not just the AMS one.
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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:
OK, to be clear, were is the Dashboard data coming from?

It all depends of what you need displayed.
So you will have to give some examples of your data and some clear graphical examples of the output you are looking for.

MS Access can create a nice looking dashboard, but so can SQL reporting services.

But if you need a "graphical" tool look into these:

Michael FranzCFOAuthor Commented:
Yes, but the product is available to on-line agencies, but not in-house agencies. Going on-line to their data center is not an options.
Michael FranzCFOAuthor Commented:
I was actually on their reporting dev team through the user group. Most of us were in-house agencies. Not happy when we found out the on-line forum.
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