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I am trying to read up what is SID, how is it derived, how does it works in Windows Security.

Is there any good tutorial that helps to make this clear?
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Is there any one in pain english how it works without too much technical jagon.  I don't understand the concept
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Basically, a SID is "S-1-5-someNumbersAndDashes-userNo". The someNumbersAndDashes tell you the associated domain - which can be your local computer, builtin or a Windows network domain (and missing for some well-known accounts). "Builtin" is something fixed, which always exists on Windows PCs, and are not related to your PC or the particualr network. This are the only SIDs you can translate without having access to the "domain" for the SID.

So if an account as the same SID as another one, except for the last digit group, the accounts are on the same "domain", e.g. for
If you see a SID without knowing the context, it is very hard to tell details, unless the userNo part is below 1000 - you always need access to the domain or PC to decode. UserNo's below 1000 are fixed again, though.

The details for that are provided in the links. There isn't any better source, it cannot be explained more simple than that.
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