SSRS Bar chart displaying percentage

I have a sharepoint  2010 list that is my data source for my SSRS 2008 Bar chart report. I want to display the percentage of employees complete and incomplete by section in bar chart. I am able to show the count of employees completing the task but unable to get the percentage of employees completed in ssrs bar chart. Can anyone help me out in this issue. Please find attached ssrs report and structure of the sharepoint list.
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ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
I assume you want a percentage as compared to the other bar within the same category, right?  If I take your chart in the screenshot as example, the first bar should show 10%, the second one 90%, and so on, right?

To get that done, you can actually calculate it through an expression that references the actual category group in the chart.  In your case that would be something like this:

=Count(Fields!ID.Value) / Count(Fields!ID.Value, "Chart1_CategoryGroup")

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The first part (in front of the / division operator) gets the count of the current series item within the current category while the second part gets the count of all items, regardless the series, within the current category item.

To get your value formatted right, put something like 0% in the Label > Format property of the Chart Series (can be done through the Properties window).

In case you're interested in learning a bit more about the formatting options: Formatting Numbers [SSRS]
asrithapAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for all your help. Finally I was able to show the percentages. I have issue with the formatting. Please see the attached screenshot. I have used FormatPercentage in Series Label properties. =FormatPercent(Count(Fields!ID.Value) *100/ Count(Fields!ID.Value, "Chart1_CategoryGroup")). I am new to ssrs and I am not sure where to format it. Could you please help me on this. I am in hurry to complete this task.
asrithapAuthor Commented:
Thank you ValentinoV for all your help. I truly appreciate it.  You saved my day. I removed 100 in expression and it worked. Is there anyway that I can increase the space between bars for more clarity.
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ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
Glad I could help.

Is there anyway that I can increase the space between bars for more clarity.

Not really, the PointWidth property (located in the CustomAttributes property group in the Properties window) is about the only thing I can think of that influences how the bars are drawn.  By default this is set to 0.8.  If you change it to something like 0.5 you would get smaller bars but the space in between the two bars in the same category would still be none.

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asrithapAuthor Commented:
Ok let me give a try  in setting the point width thanks again
asrithapAuthor Commented:
Sure will do . Thanks for all your help
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