Configuring Brocade 5000 fibre switch - how to

Hi All,
We need to configure a Brocade 5000 fibre switch to connect 3 servers with QLogic adaptors to a SAN and a tape drive.

The desired configuration is to have the speed doubled and also have redundancy by using 2 x dual port adaptors.

Is this relatively easy to do? What do we need to watch out for?


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Redundancy achieved through the use of two switches.  Speed doubling is achieved through multi-pathing.
SAN processor1 to switch1 zoned with HBA port 1 from host system.

SAN processor2 to switch2 zoned with HBA port 2 from host system.
Which SAN, how many processors/FC connection?

If you are limited to a single switch, your port zoning is how you can achieve some redundancy dealing with a SAN controller/processor failure and a system HBA failure.

The switch will be your single point of failure.
tom_szaboAuthor Commented:
Thanks Arnold,

at this stage the customer has only one switch.

Considering the low probability of failure of controllers and SAN Processors and the not quite mission critical nature of the application do you think it is worth the hassle trying to build redundancy to cater for the controller/SAN Processor failure only?
Yes, It is always a good idea to build in redundancy as much as possible or at least be prepared for it.
The separation when the need/funds for the additional switch become available, the transition will be (could be seamless).

Depending on the SAN each controller/processor may have two FC ports.

Depending on your SAN, firmware upgrades may involve taking down a controller at a time.
Distributing the load across controllers/processors will achieve your speed boost without the need to try and combine the HBA/switch ports into a LAG group.

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