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String Concatenation┬┐ not in right order

Im trying to write a function, which looks quite simple:-
function backupMySQL([String]$dbHost, [String]$dbUsername, [String]$dbPassword, [String]$dbName, [String]$emailFrom, [String]$emailTo, [String]$emailSubject)

    $strCmd = "& 'C:\Utils\Powershell\MySQL\mysqldump.exe' -h $dbHost -u $dbUsername -p$dbPassword $dbName"
    write-host $strCmd

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Im calling it as:-
backupMySQL("dbHost", "dbUsername", "dbPassword", "dbName", "emailFrom", "emailTo", "emailSubject")

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While should output as:-
& 'C:\Utils\Powershell\MySQL\mysqldump.exe' -h dbHost -u dbUsername -pdbPassword dbName

However instead outputs as:-
& 'C:\Utils\Powershell\MySQL\mysqldump.exe' -h dbHost dbUsername dbPassword dbName emailFrom emailTo emailSubject -u  -p

What seems to be happening is all my variables Im passing through seem to be set as one instead of seperate, then its ignoring the others as null.

Any ideas what Im doing wrong with this please?

Thank you
1 Solution
Rainer JeschorCommented:
your calling code is wrong, instead of putting everything in parathensis and separating by "," you simply have to call it like this (no parathensis and space as parameter separator):
backupMySQL "dbHost" "dbUsername" "dbPassword" "dbName" "emailFrom" "emailTo" "emailSubject"

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With your call, all values are treated as the first parameter.

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