Problem with secondary mailbox in Outlook (2010 and 2013)

Hi experts,

I am having some trouble with secondary mailbox in outlook (2010 and 2013).

I have setup a secondary mailbox "HR" in Exchange (2010) granting myself full access and send as permission. I did this by adding a second mail account in Control Panel > Mail. So it wasn't an attached mailbox you normally do in Advance tab.

It was working fine last week, email sent as HR went to HR's Sent Item folder. Great!

But all of a sudden I am seeing problem today. I have Send/Receive" error on the HR mailbox, and I can't send anymore as HR as email stuck in outbox. I went onto the server and redo the configuration, it then work again for half an hour or so and it now stop working again.

This time I got problem when sending email as HR that it went to my own Sent Item. After a few tries I have the Send/Receive error again and can't send as HR anymore. I am pretty much sure that if I went and redo configuration on Exchange it will work again, until it broke next time.

Does anyone has any solution to this problem? I want to get this perfect before rolling out the HR personnel, where the three of them will administer the mailbox as well as their own.

Thanks in advance.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
What permissions do you have? Is your account a Domain Admin or other "power" type account? If so then Exchange will be removing hte permissions. In Exchange you shouldn't have a mail enabled account which is also admin type. Two accounts should be used, a regular user account and an admin account.

If the HR people aren't admins, then it will work fine for them.


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ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
No it doesn't.

I am the domain admin but using my own account (in the admin group).  I have it also setup on one of the HR computers, and it has same problem.

I have grant both Full Access and Send As permissions.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You need to check if the HR computer (I presume using a HR user) is a member of any of the protected groups, or was.

This goes on about the problem:

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ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your prompt reply.

The HR person/computer doesn't belong to any protected group as mentioned in the article.

What I want to achieve is, that the HR staffs to have their own email AND an HR mailbox and they are able to Send As HR@ rather than their own email. This is simple I can just attached mailbox in Advanced tab. But I want all outgoing HR emails to go to HR's Sent Folder (and not user own Sent Folder) so other HR staff can see.

I did the research and the only way to do this is to add a second account in Outlook. I can assure you that when I first setup it worked fine for a few days. Any outgoing emails sent as HR@ went to HR's Sent Folder. The problem only arise a few days after that the "Sync" seems to be broken. No change on server or user outlook.

When I revert all the config and redo it worked again for a few hours, then it "broke" again. This makes me wonder is there any setting in Exchange that prevents this behave the way I want it to be?

We use Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010.

I am sure people out there are doing something similar I just can't figure that out :(
ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
Just did a more drastic test, removing my own account and set HR as the default. Deleting the Outlook cache file. Setup my own account again as default.

Suddenly that seems to "rebuild" the link of HR@ and it works again. Outgoing HR@ emails go to HR's Sent folder and no Send/Receive error...................yet.

Will keep question open for a couple more days.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The only thing that I am aware of that would break it is the configuration issue I have linked to. Nothing else does it.
Check in ADSIEDIT for one of the users which it doesn't work for to see if they have the an AdminCount of 1. If they were ever a member of a protected group that setting can still get in the way.

ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
OK I shall have a look thx
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