Using Internet Explorer as RemoteApp - how to associate file types?

Hi experts.

Preamble: I am well-aware that not many people use a browser as a RemoteApp, but please: only participate if you do.

I wonder if I can get my locally installed outlook to use the RemoteApp when I click on hyperlinks. The remote app is IE10, the remote server is 2008 R2, the client runs win7 x64. All up2date. So far (default) the local browser opens.
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It will not.  That is going to use the local browsers, and would require client to server redirection, which is a function that Citrix provides.  However, even client to server redirection would not work here, because that depends on the local client not having a file association for a specific document type.  And since all the versions of Windows have had one for a *long* time, you are most likely completely out of luck.

Now - do you have the option to run your Outlook remotely?  That would open your IE remotely.

(And I use the browser remotely extensively).

McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Hi Coralon.

I read on some links that it works. What already works for us is opening saved webpages. Say, are you familiar with the matter? Just to make sure we are not talking about different things: this is what I am talking about: - there you can read that the redirection you talk about is not a Citrix-exclusive-feature but that it has to be configured right in the MSI package.
I didn't know MS had picked up client-to-server content redirection that long ago :-)  I never use plain RDS..

And looking at the article, what they are doing is creating an MSI package to run on the client that will generate the file type association with the RDP client to perform that same function.

I can see how you'd work around store pages - creating file type associations for the various file types.. You could modify the htmlfile file type association, etc.  But, what I'm not seeing is a way to override the protocol handler.  When you click the link in Outlook, it is giving a protocol handler (http, https, etc.).  It's not just the file. (That's how it knows how to handle links like mailto:, ftp: etc.

Wish I could be more help.. I can't think of a way to override that function in Windows.  My concern about even doing that would be that you'd break some of the internal functions of windows that depend on those protocol handlers.

If you find a solution definitely post it!

McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Experimented a lot, read articles, visited a Microsoft forum... all in vain. You can associate files (like .url or .website) to IE, but you cannot associate protocols like http. I mean, you can, as IE will start on clicking a http-link, but then it says "cannot open file "http://..." so you obviously see IE is not ready to deal with addresses, only with files.

MS asked me to contact their wishlist people.

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McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Solution is: there is none.
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