Windows XP Mandatory profiles create local profile problem

Hi - I'm trying to setup on a windows xp pro machine mandatory profiles.

I've got it to the point that the new standard user sees and uses the mandatory profile, following this link:

However, the problem i have is that if the user makes a change to the profile it creates a copy inside Document and Settings (it probs creates a copy after intial login).

if i go and delete the Document and Settings profile, the next time the user logs in it goes and takes a fresh copy from the server's mandatory profile!

What am i doing wrong?
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Mandatory profile limits the user's changes to the session.  I am unclear what is it you want to achieve.  If you want to further limit what the user can not do, use GPO to limit desktop changes.
TheDadCoderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response arnold, the issue is that even though mandatory profile is working in a sense it gets a copy of the profile upon install, but after that it just copies the profile to document and settings, and creates a. Ew Ntuser.dat there. Then any profile changes, like desktop bg chmage, it saves them fine to document and setitngs's Ntuser.dat.

Very bizarre.

I'm going to reformat the laptop and install windows xp fresh and try it again.


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TheDadCoderAuthor Commented:
A reformat of the winxp machine fixed the issue, or at least it's keeping/honouring the mandatory profiles now!
TheDadCoderAuthor Commented:
reformat required, luckily nothing else was on the machine!
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