TinyMCE: Dropped Keystrokes

I am using TinyMCE 4.06 in an IE8 environment.  For some reason the page-up, page-down, and delete keys are not having any effect.  The backspace key works fine, so you can still delete things if you have to, and the scroll bar works fine from the mouse so you can still scroll up and down the document without the page keys, but it is extremely annoying.  Anybody have an idea why this might be happening?  Or what I could do to diagnose/fix the problem?
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Sorry, but TinyMCE is a rough-cut JavaScript effort to emulate the functionality of Word-for-Windows in the WWW environment.  Parts of it work.  But... It's flawed.  I'm not being facetious, but you have to get over it.  It will never be exactly what people want.  If you have a couple of years to work on it, I am sure the community will be grateful for anything you can do to make it more like our hopes and expectations!
-Richard-Author Commented:
I have determined that I was not using IE8 like I thought.  The editor was being invoked from inside a browser control in an old dBase program and while I don't know exactly what version of IE the browser control is based on, it is probably very old.  The keys function much better when run in an independent page hosted by IE8.  

Thank you for your opinion of TinyMCE.  It's pretty much what I was coming to believe about it myself.  In fact, all these WHYSIWYG HTML editors share similar problems and issues.

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-Richard-Author Commented:
Determined I was using an old version of internet explorer.
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