TCP timeout - Will a browser session sitting dormant in task bar timeout the TCP state connection

Hi the reason I ask Is users suggest that they are only on top of internet usage stats graphs as they leave browser running inadvertently i task bar. I argue that a TCP connection has a
timeout value that will close connection if inactivity. So who would be right in this argument?  If a browser session is just left running without anyone  "clicking" etc is there still packet transfer in the connection that would count in internet browse time or data usage report? - using asa - reports from scansoft cisco cloud
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If there is dynamically updating content, such as Java or Flash, then the only timeout would be any timeout set by the web server. For example: Advertising on most sites will keep the TCP connection from timing out because it is still sending traffic when minimized.

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Washburnma is correct. To top things off, firewalls normally have a timeout value configured as well so even if the browser thinks a session is still alive, without packet movement the session is actually dead to the outside world.
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