Network drive mounted using FAT file system.

We have a network drive that is that is using the "FAT" file system. The rest are "NTFS". If I recall aren't there performance problems when a network drive is mounted using the "FAT" file system ?  Isn't this older technology?
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's more a security and file-size issue than performance. FAT doesn't support the permissions that you get with NTFS. Also there are no transaction logs, so flles can easily get lost if a problem arises. Then you can have files larger than 4gb.
which operating system u are using ?
tesla764Author Commented:
Windows 7 on the client I am not sure of the server side, but it's probably the lastest, I will assume more than likely Server 2012.
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kumarprConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There should not be any problem.
If you are using latest, then it will be better for you to convert your drive from FAT to NTFS .
tesla764Author Commented:
There was a typo in my comment above. Of course what i meant is that FAT can't handle files larger than 4GB.
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