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We just rolled out a new web server which is running IIS and migrated our new web site here. Now that we have the users hitting the site, it seems a bit slow and we have several ODBC connections to get at our databases. Is there anything people can suggest that I can look at, like logs, to help determine what issue we may be experiencing with performance.

I am not a server person or real familiar with IIS but thought people may have some ideas on where to start for increasing the performance of the box and our web sites.

Thanks in advance.
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unknown_routineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is highly likely that it is not the IIS which is the source of slowness, but it is the connection between that machine and the database.

You mentioned you are using ODBC connections.

As the first step I would look into the database layer. Make sure the corresponding stored procedures are all optimized and underlying tables are indexed properly.

I also Highly suggest to enable Tracing in your application, this way you will know where is the bottleneck.

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