Dynamic URL for a Key Performance Indicator List Web Part

I am working with SharePoint 2010 and a Key Performance Indicator List webpart to show a status report. Everything works great..... but when I save the site as a template and then use that template again... I found that the KPI Web part does not change the URL to the List. It retains the old URL.

For example. I created the site "Project B", Save it as a template. I then create a new site "HelloWorld". The Web part stops working becase it is still pointing to the origninal URL. I then go back and correct the URL.

The oringinal URL: "/projectb/Lists/Status Report/KPIListViewPage.aspx"
It should be: "/HelloWorld/Lists/Status Report/KPIListViewPage.aspx"

I have tried removing the first part and leaving "/Lists/.......", The system will add the current URL when I save it..... back to square one.

Is there a way to add a "[site name]" to the url? Some type of "wild card" that will allow the URL to be dynamic?

Thank you,
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kixelsyDConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well darn!!!!!
According to Microsoft, a path is not dynamic in SharePoint 2010. The artical is about the URL's of a Navigation setting, but I've also read that it also goes for paths to linked Lists.


oh Well.
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