Interactive Report, Filter, Date Picker - anyway to add the Year drop down?

Hi All,
Is there anyway to add the Year drop down to the Interactive Report, Filter, Date Picker ?
Example of the Year Drop down in Date Picker

Example of the IR Filter Date Picker without the Year drop down
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BILL CarlisleAPEX DeveloperAsked:
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PortletPaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi. I've not used Apex so the following is based on some searching and weeding of the results - I hope I found what you are looking for. The consensus seems to be that you need to use an alternative datepicker, and this blog seems to walk you through the process:

Oracle’s native datepicker is extremely primative and is in urgent need of an update. I do not like the fact that it pops up a new window, which in my experience can easily be lost behind other windows and forgotten about. Luckily there is a better solution out there, in the form of a jQuery datepicker. This does not require a new window and also does not require much to integrate into an APEX application. Here is a short guide on how to integrate jQuery datepicker into APEX.
jQuery datepicker

however the image on that page doesn't indicate a year drop-down - but this does:

It appears you must also alter some of the properties of that datepicker to display the years:

hope this helps.
BILL CarlisleAPEX DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I will post an example on a website Oracle provides
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