Conditional alerts - Outlook 2010 Calendar

I am trying to find out if it's possible to set alerts based on the color category of a calendar item. For instance, I have five color categories I want to use in a calendar and I would like to manage followup/alerts based on changes to the color categories.

Here's how I want it to work. When a new calendar item is created I will assign a due date (event date with an alert) and a Green color category. Upon completing I will change the color category to Blue indicating that the task is complete. When I assign the color category of Blue I want it to automatically clear the alert in calendar item.

Is this possible? If not, is there another way to accomplish something like this using Outlook?
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Hi Haze

Automatic formatting is now called Conditional Formatting and is found in Views - View ribbon, View settings button. Note that in Outlook 2007 and 2010, you can't override category colors with conditional formatting rules - this means that if you use categories, the rule will not change the color of the item. So... if you apply the green catrgory to the appointment from Jim, the rule will not change the color to blue

File attached

Hope this helps
Haze0830Author Commented:
Unfortunately, the color categories is the part I really need out of all this.

Since those are set at the mailbox level I found the solution to be adding a mailbox and sharing it with users. This allows them to all access the same calendar and share the needed color categories.

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Haze0830Author Commented:
Figured it out myself.
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