Server not communicating correctly

Recently I set-up a new SBS2011 server. Everything went well, emails were flowing on exchange and mapped network drivers were working. iPhones and iPads were syncing with exchange on WiFi and 3G.

However after a power outage I started to have some major issues I could not ping the primary IP any more and some external IP addresses could not connect to the server any more, however others could.  My iPads and iPhones won't connect to exchange on the internal WiFi any more, sometimes they can on the 3G but other times nothing.

I am blaming my ISP for the external blocks. I have replaced the router with one I am familiar with, still getting random public IP addresses that are blocked. By blocked I mean I can't load the OWA or connect to exchange on the mobile devices.

I thought it might be my internet security software so I removed that restarted the server still same issue.

On the server it's self I can't ping the router.  On the network I can no worries.

On some computers in the network I can't ping the NIC but I can ping the NIC

I don't know what is causing these dramas. I have turned off the Windows Firewall
without any change.

The server is running DHCP and DNS.

Any ideas would be great.

Thank you
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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

These are a lot of problems. Can it be your server is multihomed and with the power outage one of your NICs got fried? (this would explain a lot)
If you act according to best practices your server is not multihomed so we should start playing with 'event logs' is there specific errors to be seen?
What does traceroute say for NICs and If there are alternate routes maybe one of your switches got fried.

Last option is to play around with DNSDiag and DCDIAG.exe

Hope this helps a little in your quest....

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AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
The NIC's all seem to be in working order as some computers on the network can talk to both no worries at all. It seems only a select few can't

I am working remotely at the moment and only have access to one PC and the server, This PC happens to only like the .102 address the tracert only shows 1 hop to the server.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

Is all the "Automatic" services are started? if not, try to start it and see it works as expected.

Have you tried "Last Known Good Configurations"?
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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:
So it is conencted to the server by a dumb switch only. Tracert to NICs says nothing?
Either that switch is faulthy or your NIC is. (you could try to update drivers for this one)
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
> On some computers in the network I can't ping the NIC but I can ping the NIC

are the two NICs the adapters on the SBS2011? any other adapters on the server?

is it behind a firewall connecting the internet or external IPs?
Why have you 2 NIC's on the server? SBS requires 1 NIC to operate properly...can't understand why you have 2...

Are you trying to achieve something with 2? I've found from experience using 2 nic's on an SBS will cause all sorts of issues...
For reference...

SBS 2008 and 2011 aren't like 2003...they don't work properly with 2 nic's - unless you TEAM the nic' this is more than likely the main issue
AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
All services as started as per normal.

I have all the NIC drivers updated.

I was not aware SBS did not support 2 NIC's thanks for the reference I feel a bit small not knowing this. I can take one out no worries.  

I will let you know how I go.
AlwayslearningmoreAuthor Commented:
It was the switch.

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