Cisco 2112 Wireless Lan Controller Not Loading, XML compare failed

I recently was given a Cisco 2112 Wireless Lan Controller to play with and it's showing the following on Terminal, is this thing bricked? Is there any way to reset it?  

XML config selected
Validating XML configuration

xml_mask_and_compare_with_value failed for node ptr_apfCfgData.apfVAPIDData.apfV

apSecurity.apfVapSecurity, masked value = 0, value = 0

Validation for node ptr_apfCfgData.apfVAPIDData.apfVapSecurity.apfVapDhcpRequire

d failed

, indices for node are 1

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unknown_routineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
According for Cisco t no functionality should be affected by this message and no , Wireless Lan controller is not bricked.

See here:
matthewmalk248Author Commented:
Oh ok so it looks like I just have to re-upgrade the software to get rid of it, thanks so much!
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