Oracle APEX IR Filter - date reverts to garbage when clicked

Hi All,

Looks like our Oracle APEX IR Filter messes up the date when you do the following:

1. In an Interactive Report create a filter on a date field and apply it.
Results of creating a filter on a Date field.
2. Edit the date field by clicking on the link (highlighted in yellow above)
That seems to not do that on but was able to see the garbaged date when switching the column of the filter from the date to a varchar and then back to the date.

Is there a patch for this?
BILL CarlisleAPEX DeveloperAsked:
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BILL CarlisleConnect With a Mentor APEX DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Oracle Application Express links in interactive report passing date as parameters wrongly encodes date

we are upgrading to 4.2.3
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