Quickbooks Validation Code

Quickbooks is going Crazy

Client Purchased 2013 Enterprise and now I am installing new computers

they are telling me that I have to purchase a 1 year manintence program to get that Validation.

They are Holding me hostage from a software my client paid $3800 for.

Where in the registry can i find the validation code.

Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT ConsultantAsked:
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QBalance_QuickBooks_AdvisorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need to purchase the Full service plan to get a validation code
however, support department will not talk with you unless you have a full service plan
but you can register this 2013 product through 2016 (when they sunset the license)

Call 800-316-1068 to register your product
have available the license and product number
(you can get that by press control +1  in QB)

This phone number  will get you the validation code

To enter the validation code
help menu > click on about QB (last option > press Control + R + P  and enter  the code.
You can use the same code on all valid installations.

Linda Saltz
Intuit Premier Reseller
Advanced Certified QB advisor
Since you are licensed, you could try using a bootleg style activator....

This is possibly the easiest way to fix your problem....

Google this hash:

Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thank you,

Worked the first time,

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