Ndis.sys BSOD error using VPN in windows 7 Thegreeenbow and remote desktop

Hi Experts  I really need help on this error cos I jused a lot of time trying to fix it - and without success yet.

My laptop is Lenovo Sl 510 , Win 7 pro. The greenbow v. 4,7 . or 5,0 or 5,3
I get this error every now and then while using VPN Thegreenbow on mu Zyxel firewall connection to my server.
The error comes only periodically

I tried a lot of troubleshooting - reinstall network drivers and blutetooth driver, disable power management. I looked into the dump and error log but it didnt point any specific as I could see. The dump is attached.
 I get the error only while using Thegreenbow on my laptop to my Zyxel firewall - and no matter if using wireless and cable network from outside. I had this error for 1 monht now and I m sick of it - so please help ?

I work with It support daily so I now all the standard troubleshooting but now Im stuck
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ServerServiceConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
hmm no ideas ?
I reinstalled my pc and choose win8 though its not a solution for this problem I cannot wait more.
ServerServiceAuthor Commented:
I didnt find a stable solution for this problem in windows 7 - but after reinstall/upgade, I didnt have this bug in my windows 8 though its more likely a problem with the Geenbow VPN software
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