0192 System Security : embedded security tampered in Lenovo X61

AFter powering off for a couple of hours, I pressed the Power ON
button & immediate got the message
 "0192 System Security : embedded security tampered ..."

Went into F1 BIOS to disable a number of security & security
password & then attempted power cycling but it did not help.

Googling around, saw some notes saying the motherboard needs
to be fixed.  

Anything else other than fixing the Motherboard or replacing the
onboard battery?
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Changing the battery isn't going to help as the TPM data is stored in non-volatile RAM.  You've probably worked out already that at startup there's a security check to ensure the hardware matches the signature on the TPM chip, if a component fails and so no longer identifies itself correctly the TPM signature check fails and you get locked out of your own machine.

It's worth checking simple things that are user serviceable like the RAM sticks (reseat or replace with matched memory). How you fix it if none of the obvious suspects work depends on how valuable the machine (and its data) are to you.

Assuming you have no current warranty from Lenovo you could take out a service plan with them or you could replace the whole board.  Bear in mind that, depending on how your TPM is configured, access to the HDD may be restricted in the same way (i.e. the drive will only be read by the systemboard it is "paired" with). So replacing the board might just be part of the story.

Try reseating all the removable components first though.

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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
We had a situation like this last year. One client brought a Lenovo system in last year and didn't know the password. The security software would not allow us to reformat the drive or delete the partition so we had to replace the drive and install  Windows from the original Lenovo DVD's.

You might want to try swaping the HD as a test to see if the HD has a pw on it.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
It's certainly not HDD related: I took the HDD from this X61 &
insert the HDD into an old X60 (yes, I got this X60 from a 2nd
hand dealer) & it boots up fine & start detecting all the different
hardware parts on this X60: however, this X60 has a few parts
that's not working:
1. the SD slot is certainly not working even with a HDD that's
    newly installed with Win XP
2. the Volume increase & decrease buttons are not working
3. a few keys are bit loose

This X60's HDD that comes with a good bootable Win XP was
inserted into the X61: still the same System Security issue
& won't boot.

So, yes, my data on the X61's HDD is intact but I simply wants
back that X61 as the X60's parts are not so good & full of
scratches everywhere.

I've tried re-seat the RAM & in the BIOS (press F1), it detected
the full 2GB RAM in the X61 : no joy with re-seating RAM
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
For the cost of changing the motherboard, guess I'll just go &
hunt around for another 'newer' used X61 for US$130
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Still a CPU board issue that had to be replaced
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