Palo Alto PA 500 firewall opinons

Hi All,

We are evaluating the Palo Alto firewall (PA-500) to replace a pair of sonicwall firewalls we have in place. We want more granular application control and filtering which seems to be a strong suit of the palo alto firewalls. They are also not just packet filtering firewalls. With that said, the sonicwalls have been a breeze as far as setting up the VPN and VPN client and NAT.

I did run a cross this thread (possibly cisco biased) where one of the users was claiming they had a lot of problems with this firewall. Especially with the VPN and setting up NAT Post by Ortiz).

Do any of you have these in production and what are your thoughts?
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Esteban BlancoConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Fantastic.  So far we are very happy with it.  I recommend that if you have installation and training dollars to use them.  If not, follow the step by step and you should be good.

Granular is an understatement.  Friday I needed access to a website and went to our network manager (per company rules) to ask him to add the website to MY ACCOUNT so I could access it.  Took about 65 seconds to do it and the change was immediate.  The firewall works great.  

Highly recommend it.
binovpdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback estebs1978. How does the VPN client work?
Esteban BlancoPresidentCommented:
We use Cisco for our VPN Client right now.  We are using Palo Alto to do one of our FW's, Internet content (for now).
binovpdAuthor Commented:
Oh. We are looking to use it as our main firewall which means we would need to know about the vpn client.
Esteban BlancoPresidentCommented:
I will look into it tomorrow and see if I can give you a hand or find the docs we have.


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