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I need to come up with a way to delete and purge old backup information from RMAN catalogs. Our catalog database has become very slow and sometimes non-responsive for other databases. Whats the best way to do this.
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
you could unregister an old database from the catalog
> this remove all the entries

there are a few notes about rman performance on the http://support.oracle.com site.
hmm, posting a link doesn't work.
Here is the doc id you need to look for: Doc ID 748257.1
Praveen Kumar ChandrashekatrDatabase Analysist Senior Commented:
you can allocate a maintenance channel and cross check and delete the expired and obsolete data from catalog.

RMAN> allocate channel for maintenance device type disk;
RMAN> crosscheck backup;

check this doc for more info.

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k3vsmithAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks both of you for your responses. Lets take a step back. Do I connect to RMAN database to run these commands? Is connecting to the database the same as connecting to the catalog?
For example:
Im at the prompt
RMAN> connect target /
connected to target database: RMAN

Once here I only see info for the rman database. Like when I do crosscheck's etc. I dont think Im connected to the catalog. How do I do this?
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Praveen Kumar ChandrashekatrDatabase Analysist Senior Commented:
you need to connect to catalog database same as connecting to target i.e

RMAN>CONNECT CATALOG <user_name>/<passwd>@<catlog_db>

the above command will connect to catalog database then you can perform the above mention commands.
k3vsmithAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks, I was able to connect to catalog. When I run crosscheck backup I get tons of backups listed. Is there a way to export the results of this command to a file to review before running delete expired. I am showing 13000 objects as Expired. I want to run these by my manager before deleting. Of course in my putty window I can only scroll up so far. Thanks!
Praveen Kumar ChandrashekatrDatabase Analysist Senior Commented:
You can achieve these in many ways some i have listed here you can log the rman session to a file or you can use spool log in rman.

check these doc for more detail info.

k3vsmithAuthor Commented:
Great, thanks for the help!
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