What is best practice for extending the system drive in SBS 2008

  I have an SBS 2008 box on which the preinstalled system drive of 60Gb is starting to fill up. Is there a safe way the resize this drive?

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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go int diskmanagement and select "extend Volume". It does this on the fly. But of course that will only work if there is free, unpartitioned space on the disk right after the system partition. If there isn't you need 3rd party tools to move those partitions toward the end of the disk so you get that free space right after C:. Paragon has good tools that can do that, Or opensource, the partedmagic liveCD's diskeditor (gparted) can do that. It is included on the UBCD.



Remember that it's always a very good idea to make sure the backups are fine.
GazClimbsAuthor Commented:
I should have specified that I have already moved the WSUS and exchange db's and am having to spend quite a bit of time deleting logs etc. to free up space on the drive, free space is currently 9Gb

It is time for virtualization.

I'm doing P2V (Physical to Virtual conversion), and adding more HDDs. One day will come, when you have to do that no matter how many times you clear logs and stuff.
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