Hi there

i have a client that wants more info about changing a Facebook profile name.
the company is in a legal battle over the name and should be able to use it by rights.
lets say the profile that my client wants is www.facebook.com/aaa
my clients wants to know what work is involved to change the profile to www.facebook.com/bbb so that they can use www.facebook.com/aaa
what assistance can Facebook provide? what will happen to the current "likes" for that name...can it be carried over or can everything be migrated to the new profile...?
i have tried getting info from the Facebook site but couldn't find anything relevant.
is there anyone out there that's been in the same position and that can give an informed answer?

your help will be greatly appreciated.

thank you

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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I don't believe likes are transferred.  I was in the opposite position where I had a facebook page name similar to the name of a website.  They had registered the name and sent a note to facebook and without warning, trial or jury pulled my page.  I thought it was a grey area and worth a 2 way conversation but there was no talking to them.    

My point is if you have a legal claim, it seems like facebook will respond.  However, I would not get a temporary page and wait.  If they are battling your client, good luck.  At least in my case, it did not warrant hiring a lawyer.

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stevenvanheerdenAuthor Commented:
hi there

thank you very much for your help.
its greatly appreciated.


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