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Networking - Expanded Subnet

We are moving into a new location and in the past, have ran into issues with our current /24.
(not enough IPs in the /24)

I am considering using a /23 in our new office to allow for more room. I've never used this large of a subnet, just looking for recommendations. Should I use two /24s and a router or a /23? The latter appears to be the easier solution.

Any thoughts, recommendations or advise?


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It really depends on the users you have.

No matter you use two /24 or /23, it will be different subnets, right? Just go with /24.

I worked in a company where we had 2 floors so we did -

192.168.1.xxx - For servers.
192.168.2.xxx - For PCs on 1st floor.
192.168.3.xxx - For PCs on 2nd floor.
I would probably go with the /23 (or less) to make the communication easier without having to put more work on a router.  We use similar number schemes as above but we use more numbers to separate out device types as well.

Are you using DHCP or static?  If DHCP, then you will need multiple DHCP servers separated by routers.

Some places just use a (/16) subnet of (even though they will not use that many) and set their dhcp scope from to or larger to accommodate the maximum number of devices (which has grown significantly with people bringing their phones and tablets that want wireless access).  Then they set servers on 192.168.10.xxx, access points on 192.168.11.xxx, printers on 192.168.12.xxx, etc.

If you were to stick with standards...a larger scope would be 172.16.xxx.xxx with a subnet or a 10.xxx.xxx.xxx with a subnet
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