how can I show Announcements to users on the home page based on Role

I have an extranet in SharePoint 2010 with FBA providing the security.
We created User Ids and Roles using FBA.

I have a requirement to show the announcements on home page based on the Role of the user.
So when a user logs in with Management role, he can see all announcements. If user logs in as Supervisor, they see announcements for the department only and if Normal users log in they see only generic announcements

How can I do it in SharePoint 2010 with FBA .
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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you have SharePoint 2010 Server edition, you can simply use the Audience Targeting feature.

Therefore you have to enable Audience Targeting on the list (List -> List Settings -> Audience Targeting settings) which will add an additional column to your SharePoint list.

Then for each item you can enter the desired audience.

Finally on your home page you can use a Content Query Web Part to filter the announcements by your audience.

nsdlsandyAuthor Commented:
good Pointers for my solution.
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