iPhone Music is skipping while playing through blue tooth in my car.

I recently installed iOS7 on my iPhone 4.  I have Microsoft sync in my car and connect my phone through the car's bluetooth to listen to music and talk on the phone.  My problem is there is very noticeable skipping during songs while they are playing through the speakers.  I never had this issue before when my phone was using iOS6.

I have backed up the phone through iTunes (most recent update) on my PC laptop (Windows 7).
I have tried restoring the phone.
I have not had any other issues with the update.
I have noticed that there is a slight hesitance when running multiple applications.
I have closed all the idle apps.
It is a refurbished phone.
I tried restarting the phone.

Are there any other suggestions to try and stop this from happening?
Wooky JackAsked:
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Try turning off WiFi, and see if that helps.

Although I haven't personally experienced this on an iPhone, I have seen issues with other phones where WiFi interferes with Bluetooth A2DP and vice versa.

In particular, on my personal setup in my car I can't run WiFi tethering at the same time as I run Bluetooth A2DP, one or the other simply will refuse to connect or there will be major stuttering of the audio, or slowness in the internet, or both. Granted, I'm using a Galaxy Nexus running Android but the underlying wireless technologies are the same.
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:

I turned off WiFi.  At first that seemed to work but this morning as I drove to work I noticed that going through any app caused a quick song skip as I would go into an app, back out of an app, etc.  Also, I forgot to mention, if it mattered, I have my own songs loaded on the phone so it would not be a 3G issue.
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
Any other suggestions?
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It sounds like IOS 7 is consuming more system resources on your iPhone 4, and when your phone is busy doing other things (switching between apps, processing etc.) there isn't enough processing power for iTunes to stream your music smoothly over bluetooth at the same time.

I don't think there's any obvious solution other than to downgrade back to iOS6, if that's  possible.

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Wooky JackAuthor Commented:

Thank you.  That is what I was hoping was not the case, but that makes sense.  I appreciate the responses!
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
I do not want to downgrade to iOS7, but I am sure since I never had these problems on iOS6 this would be a sufficient answer for those with a similar situation.  iPhone 4 is just old and Apple's hasty and consistent commitment to out dating less than 2 year old products continues.  *sigh*
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