Any ethernet switches that intake / exhaust front to back?

The datacenter I'm moving some servers into is very particular about their cooling system and are requiring me to purchase a $600 side air distribution unit to bring cool air into the side of the cabinet if using a router/switch that exhausts heat to the sides.

Does anyone here know of a reasonably priced switch that I can use that exhausts to the rear? Do these even exist?

I was going to use a simple NETGEAR FS726T which apparently is a problem.
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it have to exhaust to the rear?  Why can't you mount the switch so that the exhaust is on the hot isle side?

What type of devices are  you connecting to the switch?  Most servers have their NIC's on the back and they exhaust the heat to the rear.  So by putting the switch so that the switch ports are on the same side as the servers' NICs everything should be fine.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:
They exist, but those I know of are not remotely cheap, typically 3000 (GBP or USD) per switch or more.

For example, Juniper has this (at around the 10000 to 15000 mark):

Brocade has this (maybe around the 3000 mark, never bought them, no real idea what new costs here):

I'm sure Cisco have some too, probably knocking around the Nexus range or the top-end Catalysts.

Also the Juniper EX2200, which is substantially cheaper has airflow out at the back:
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mcaincAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, it actually doesn't have to be anything fancy. I only have 3 machines that need to go up right now (simple web servers).

Would this be sufficient?

Found a bunch on eBay for under $200.
Get a Juniper EX2200-C - it has no fan at all, so no problem with airflow :) and cheap.

12 ports, plus 2 sfp.
mcaincAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion pergr. The original switch I was going to use (NETGEAR FS726T) doesn't have any fans either. The problem was the heat dissipates to the sides and that was an issue. Looks like the Juniper EX2200-C does the same thing.

It blew me away that I'd have to spend close to $600 on a piece of cooling equipment when the switch itself was only around $100. Needless to say I'm pretty annoyed having found that out after I already committed to the space and had the equipment on hand.
mcaincAuthor Commented:
Good point, did this :)
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