Pro's / Cons of Multiple minority (sized), narrow-advocacy, parties

This question is asking for discussion about starting multiple grass-roots, single-advocacy, parties at the state level, in order to elect state officials, Congressional Members, and Electors for President.  Hopefully, that should break this country away from from the Liberal-Conservative mindset that deadlocks Washington, where each party has so many of its internal conflicting interests  it becomes dysfunctional.   No party would have anything near a majority in Congress.  So, for any legislation to be passed, there would need to negotiation between the various, small, parties into coalition sponsored bills.  The presidential candidates would also have appeal to a wide range of parties.

Examples of single-advocacy party names:
(feel free to suggest more, and some opposite pairs)
Minimal Governmental Control
Greater Federal Control
Greater State Control
Gun Control
Minimal Gun Control
Larger Safety-net and Healthcare
Minimal Safety-net and Healthcare
International Intervention
Minimal International Intervention
High Employment
Minimal Debt
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...there would need to negotiation between the various, small, parties into coalition sponsored bills.

How can there be rational negotiation between single-issue proponents? What would a 'Closed Borders' proponent give up when negotiating with a 'Pro-Abortion' proponent for example? Who would be a party member who wasn't also at least a borderline fanatic who wouldn't accept a backwards step?

Regardless, we've had essentially what you're asking about forever. It just hasn't ever worked. It's overwhelmed by more inclusive parties. As long as most people won't go along, it won't make much difference if any.


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