home dir for users

I want to allow  all users to be able to save there doc be it a pd, word,pic, excel ect to a folder that I have createdon the server.
The root folder is workstations with sub folders for each user.
So the path would be
and so on.  
Is there a was to do this and if so how?
That workstation folder will be backup every night there by assuering that there data is backed in case of a failuer.

Thanks for all ofour help in advanced.
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Well, you can either do this via Group Policy, or you can use a login script (a batch file). The script is usually located in a share "\\<server>\sysvol". Create folders based on the username from Active Directory (I'm assuming you use that), so if the username is "jsmith", then the folder name would also be "jsmith". Share the folder in the "workstation" directory.

Then, in the login script, (or via GPO), map a network drive, say U (for user) to \\dc\workstation\%username% via this command:

net use U: \\dc\workstation\%username%

Now, when your users login, each will get a U: drive based on their own name. You can configure loading the script in Active Directory in the user properties within the Profile tab for the user account.

If you do not have Active Directory, you can do the same thing, but you would have to manually create a U: drive on each workstation, or run a script on each workstation. The concept is the same.

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noadAuthor Commented:

As of right now I have a DFS, I also created a log on script
net use z: \\dc\dfsfolder
I created an OU named staff
I created an GPO named dfsfolder
I linked the GPO to the staff OU, when the users log on they see the DFSFOLDER map drive ( letter ( Z: ) all works correctly.

What I want to do now is via a GPO push out a home folder for each user much in the same way as if I input it in the user profile ( see attached ) home folder for user
I'm a little confused as to exactly how to do it.

Can you explain in detail????

Sorry for the delayed response.

Well, to set drive mapping via Group Policy, you also have to create a share first. So, you do need a main folder where you create all subdriectories for each user.

Then, run Group Policy Management and go to "User Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Drive Maps" and there you can setup the mappings you need.

You can specify the letter, the location (UNC path), reconnect should be enabled, you can label it (variables such as "%username%" work) etc. Reboot the workstations, or run "gpupdate /force" from the command prompt of each client computer, then logoff, login and the drives should get mapped.

This only works realiably with newer versions of Windows server.
noadAuthor Commented:

Works great!
Awesome. I'm glad you got it working!
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