Regular mode boot failure after upgrading from Win XP Home, sp2 to Win XP Home, sp3

When I install SP3, the machine will only boot in safe mode.  It boots well, when I do the built in recovery included with the "F10" key at the time of booting.    I have tried using a drive update routine.  That seems to have no effect, though some drivers continue to show as out of date.  I have read some about boot problems coming from installing the wrong version of .netFramework.  The recovered machine show the .netFramework as version 2.2.  I have read some commentaries on upgrading problems.  I am now convinced that my problem is related to the .netframework upgrade.  

I need to know how to install the upgrade safely without causing the regular boot mode to fail.  I am somewhat of the opinion that if I can get a good working version of Windows Installer 3 plus and use it to install my .netFramework upgrade, I think I can get the machine fixed.  I wonder if you can help me identify a valid source for Windows Installer versions so i can proceed to see if the .netframwork can be installed and return return the system to being an S3 machine.

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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Do you have an image of the OS from before you tried the upgrade, so you can restore it to its good, working condition before we work on getting SP3 installed?
this method always worked for me; i made an install cd with sp3 slipstreamed :
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