RAID 1+0 array volume inaccessible with 1 failed disk

I have an odd situation.  I have an hp dl380 g5 with an 8 disk 1+0 RAID array on a p400 controller. The machine was remotely shit down for maintenance and as I walked over to the rack I noticed one hdd failure light was indicating on bay 2 just prior to the power off completion.  When I powered the machine back on it wouldn't find the storage volume in esx (our esx system files reside in flash storage so it still boots fine).  I restarted the machine again and popped I the ACU disk to check things out and noticed that there were warnings that the logical drive was in automated recovery mode and the disk in bay 2 was as well.  Physically I noticed the lights on bay 2 and 6 slowly flashing.  There was also a warning for Imminent failure in bay 4.  If I let the recovery run it comes back with an error that disk 2 is dead.  I don't have the replacement in my possession yet but I suppose the volume should still be accessible with one dead disk.  Any ideas what may be causing it to be unavailable?  I will put the replacement drive into bay 2 as soon as I receive it and will wait to replace bay 4 until hopefully bay 2 rebuilds.  But I am suspicious as to why I cannot gain access to the volume right now.  Thanks.
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You *may* have forced a stale drive to be incorporated into the RAID, and that HDD overwrote the data on another.  This would result in 100% data loss.

ACU has some diagnostic info.  Run it and look at health & configuration info.   If the data isn't available now, and it did, or is doing a rebuild, then unfortunately you have 100% data loss.

Since the array is rebuilding then accessibility isn't going to change when the run completes.

Another possibility is that the drive ordering was changed.  What was once the D disk is now the F:\ drive.  Post event logs from ACU
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Sometimes dead disks block all I/O on drive controller. Try removing dead disk and see if ACU detects your volumes.
Reboot and watch during POST for a message from the controller saying it will enable/disable the logical disk. This is something on the lines of 'Select "F2" to accept data loss and to re-enable logical drive(s)' , default F1 disables the logical disks.
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aeveganAuthor Commented:
Come in this morning and now disk in bay 2 looks normal and disk in bay 4 showing imminent failure (but not yet failed). But I realized that for some reason the volume was no longer mounted in ESXi.  So I mounted it and all the data was there.  But later in the day the drive in bay 4 started appearing normal again.  We have two new HDDs coming and we'll replace them both.  But should I be worried about the controller?

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aeveganAuthor Commented:
Everything worked out in the end.  Not really sure why it went haywire but its been stable for a long time now.
aeveganAuthor Commented:
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