TLS in Exchange 2010 SP3


I want to secure my outgoing e-mails that I send out with a single send connector from HUB to a smarthost.
I am using basic authentication over TLS on to this connector, but what does this give me in security, authenticating my server when sending?

Do I need to use S/mime to be able to encrypt the messages between my server to the smarthost.

The smarthost has open ports for SMTP with 'Start TLS': 25
SSL-port: 465.

Connector config

AddressSpaces                : {SMTP:*;1}
AuthenticationCredential     : System.Management.Automation.PSCredential
Comment                      :
ConnectedDomains             : {}
ConnectionInactivityTimeOut  : 00:10:00
DNSRoutingEnabled            : False
DomainSecureEnabled          : False
Enabled                      : True
ErrorPolicies                : Default
ForceHELO                    : False
Fqdn                         :
HomeMTA                      : Microsoft MTA
HomeMtaServerId              : SRV04
Identity                     : Internet TLS relay
IgnoreSTARTTLS               : False
IsScopedConnector            : False
IsSmtpConnector              : True
LinkedReceiveConnector       :
MaxMessageSize               : 29.53 MB (30,965,760 bytes)
Name                         : Internet TLS relay Stay
Port                         : 25
ProtocolLoggingLevel         : None
RequireOorg                  : False
RequireTLS                   : False
SmartHostAuthMechanism       : BasicAuthRequireTLS
SmartHosts                   : {smarthost}
SmartHostsString             : smarthost
SmtpMaxMessagesPerConnection : 20
SourceIPAddress              :
SourceRoutingGroup           : Exchange Routing Group (DWBGZMFD01QNBJR)
SourceTransportServers       : {SRV04}
TlsAuthLevel                 :
TlsDomain                    :
UseExternalDNSServersEnabled : False


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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Since your Exchange and mailhost are windows machines, you can encrypt all data between them, this is a fast and secure way cipher all data:
DicomSupportAuthor Commented:

sorry if I confused you, the smarthost is not a Windows machine and I can't change settings on it.

Can you explain what my current Exchange config gives me?

Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
All that TLS does is put the SMTP traffic inside SSL. It doesn't do anything with the actual message. As you are using a smart host it will just protect the traffic to the smart host, no further.

Authentication is something different, independant from TLS.


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DicomSupportAuthor Commented:
As long as I get SSL from my server to the smarthost that is fine.
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