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I work with Powerbuilder Classic Build 6639 on a Windows 7 PC workstation.

I can create the deployment PBL for the websercives. They work fine in the development program powerbuilder.
However, as soon as I have done a "Deploy Workspace", the application and the development program (in Run Mode) can not connect to the webservice.

For the development program, I have to copy the deployment PBL of the websercives created before "Deploy Workspace" to the workspace and it works again if I run the workspace in the development program.

Is there a solution?


Ivo Raemy
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virtuadeptConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the folder where you deploy you need the EXE, any PBD files that were generated by the compiler, and the PowerBuilder runtime DLL files.  And any other DLL files that you may be accessing. This is how 11.5 or lower works, I have not used 12 or up, but that is how "classic" worked on the older versions.
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