Desktop image isn't persistent after reboot with windows XP mandatory profiles

Hi - I've setup a windows xp mandatory profile.
However, the desktop wallpaper image isn't staying set after i reboot.

Any issues in doing this?
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XGISConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Gday The DadCoder...nothing worse than having to mess with the registry to no avail..  afterward i thought about group policy and found this link on ehow.

ehow GP

maybe give this a go.  It is a better path than treating the profile as corrupted..
Hello TheDadCoder,

If you feel comfortable doing registry modifications take a look at this page, if you haven't already;

Fix Windows XP BG

Alternatively do a spyware scan before you do may have been compromised.
TheDadCoderAuthor Commented:
Neither of these worked, thanks for replying tho XGIS
TheDadCoderAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thanks
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