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I am getting #550 5.6.0 CAT.InvalidContent.Exception: InvalidCharsetException, Character set name (iso-2022-jp-2) is invalid or not installed.; cannot handle content of message with InternalId 19xxxxxx, InternetMessageId . ##

Currently I have set Character Sets : MIME and Non-MIME to Western European.
Is there any Character set cover all over the world not only Japan (iso-2022-jp-2)?

Thank you
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Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
That is a difficult problem.  While UTF-8 / Unicode is capable of representing almost all languages, adding it would not change the encoding of characters in another character set.  If you have that character set used in a message, you need to install that code set to display it.  Installing UTF-8 won't match the codes used in iso-2022-jp-2.  You have to start with the encoding you want to use.  Adding an encoding does not automatically translate the original codes to the new character set.
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