IE9 Upgrade

We are currently running Windows 7 Sp1 with IE8

I have to evaluate IE9 for use in producation and come up with a way to upgrade IE8 to IE9 after testing,

Has anyone recently upgraded to IE9

I was checking

Just wanted to ask if anyone has some suggestion on how i should tackel this task
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Tony GiangrecoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Create a word document with a shortcut to each site

2. Install IE9

3. Open that word doc and click each shortcut.

4. if any site does not work properly, add a comment under that site's link in the document so you know which sites have a problem and what the problem is.

5. provide that information to the appropriate personnel so they can upgrade the site so it works properly with IE9.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
IE8 & IE9 on Windows 7 has been out for a long time. We are current;y in IE10 for most of our Windows 7 systems.

All you need to do is run Windows Update. If you check for updates and only want to install the IE9 upgrade, unselect all updates and just select the IE9 upgrade.

If you are still running IE8, I'd assume you are behind in many other updates also.

If this is a test for your production system, take a seperate test system and only run the upgrade on it so you can evaluate the changes.
MOQINFRAAuthor Commented:
The Problem is , how do we validate all the Websites work with IE9

We have a lot of internal web Applications and we need to be sure they work with IE9
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
If this is very important to your organization, you should create a document for each site that will be tested.  In the document, create a set of tests that need to be performed. You might also put a log in each document so you know what was tested and what passed or failed the testing.

When a site fails a test, note it in the document and rerun your testes after the site developer has made his/her changes.

Take that document and provide it to your manager showing what was done and when.
Once you install IE9 you can always revert to IE8 by uninstalling from Control Panel|Programs and Features|View Installed Upgrades (at top left).

Having said that, you can update to IE10 which will allow you to use Compatibility Mode
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